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Sembrando Sueños, Cosechando Esperanza © 2017, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Patricia Barrera. Esperanza Academy Charter School, 301 West Hunting Park Avenue.

Photo by Steve Weinik.


City of Philadelphia and the William Penn Foundation


Esperanza Academy Charter School


Artist: Patricia A. Barrera

Assistants: Adam Alli, Rusell Craig, Carolina Gomez, Michael Reali, Zeke Jenei, Sophie Taylor-Havens

Site: Esperanza Academy Charter School (High School)


About the Project 

The result of a two-year partnership between Esperanza Academy Charter School and Mural Arts Philadelphia Art Education Arts Integration Program, this mural fosters students’ sense of identity and self-awareness within their communities. The imagery includes two Esperanza students nestled amidst colorful foliage, flora, and fauna, representing the natural beauty of various Central and South American countries from which many students’ families originate. The mural makes a powerful statement about curiosity and connection, bringing many homes together in one interwoven design.

I worked with students from the school to create the final design, engaging in the classroom to help Esperanza students tell their stories. The goal of the project was “to foster identity, promote self-awareness, encourage communal development, present opportunities for positive social and individual growth, nurture artistic growth and exploration, and encourage development of a personal voice.”

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