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Teaching Artist: Patricia A. Barrera

Assistant: Monica Mathieu

Site: Piccoli Playground


About the Project

Mural Arts has worked in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation on an Art Education program that brings artistic exploration to green spaces around the city. Through Arts & Artists Outdoors, or A2O, we held weekly classes and community events in connection and in celebration of nature and guided by the voices and ideas of students.From the food we eat, to the air we breathe, to the ground we walk on, the health of our environment has an impact on us. Alongside workshops we were able to create a public artwork that teaches youth about being stewards of the environment so that the environment can support them, their wellness and their future.


Activities were designed to empower the youth to creatively express themselves and to educate them about an environmental theme. Our final projects included a nature cyanotype installation and a mural that was installed at the recreation center.

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