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Sembrando Sueños, Cosechando Esperanza

Cuba: Seed of Eternal Friendship

Trash Academy: Trash Mobile

Arbol de Nuestra Identidad (Tree of Our Identity)

Power of Positivity (South Wall)

iCare Positivity Campaign

Chalk Talk

Together Moving Mountains

Don't Call Me...

Artistic Rebuttal

A2O Artist Residency: Piccoli Playground

Flores de Libertad

Hummingbird Project: Unheard Voices

Trash Academy: Park Powers

Reading Between the Lines

Power of Positivity (East Wall)

"You Go Girl" l.o.v.e.

All the Way Live from the 215

Offering of the Wolfbat

Peace is a Haiku Song

Aquí y Allá

Women Organized Against Rape Workshop

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