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Artist: Greg Lamarche

Teaching Artist: Patricia A Barrera

Assistant: Christine Rhodes

Site: Congreso de Latinos Unidos (Roberto Clemente Middle School)


About the Project 

Reading Between the Lines (RBTL) is a project developed by Mural Arts to highlight some of the core design elements – color, line, value, pattern, and typography – that are inherent in graffiti art.


Through classroom, and on-site interventions with professional artists, youth learn the theory and application of these design elements.

Through classroom lessons and activities students:

  • explored the history of graffiti art in America and specifically Philadelphia

  • learned about the cultural context of the birth, and development of graffiti

  • learned about graffiti and its rules and terms

  • learned about typography and its rules and terms

  • learned to interpret and communicate meaning through graffiti art     

  • created their own glyph by exploring 100 different styles

  • created their own collage font inventory

  • created their own letters (Handwriting Style)

  • explored and experimented with different graffiti tools

  • learned about graffiti artists, specifically Greg Lamarche and his process.                            

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